Wtnv is so good i love it so much it makes me really happy.

Yeah the fandom is terrible and whitewashes cecil way too much and gets annoying alot but i love wtnv

I love it all the characters and stories and atmosphere and music i lov wtnv

I think i should keep thinking about the things that make me happy even if im being pbnoxious about it, lol that was like the whole point of this blog. That and stuff i really dont want my sisters to see

I was feeling so hopeless yesterday and i felt that i couldnt enjoy life and i mept reminding myself that there are lots of things i could do and i tried to cheer myself up a d it just didnt work and i was really scared i felt like #drowning myself and kept sayying nono no and my stomach hurt and my heart was racing and i was scared idk idk im mich more happier today and i hope this doesnt happen again